Life in the ATC: One Cadet’s Story


I’m one of the cadets at 35 (Wetherby) Squadron. I’d like to tell you why I come to cadets and a bit of what we do.

Now, I’ve been at cadets for nearly two years and I have to say it’s been the time of my life. The cadets you meet and the NCOs or Civilian Instructors are great. You can always have a laugh.

The reasons I come to cadets is for the stuff we do, such as gliding, which I have done twice with aerobatics. I also got to take off and land the glider. Once you hear and feel the sound of the glider, well let’s just say it’s a fantastic experience, especially when taking hold of the controls.

You also get to go camping, which from what I’ve been told “you always get a good experience”. You can also go shooting, which I’ve done with the No 8 rifle – there is also the chance to shoot with the L98A2 rifle too.

At cadets we also learn discipline. If you do something wrong, you have to learn from that. To get away from discipline, you just have to be a good cadet to everyone.

What I’m trying to get through is you can get a future out of  Air Cadets. Before I joined, I would be on the X-box everyday. Now I am planning a future in the RAF Regiment. So by taking the chance to go to Air Cadets a lot can happen.

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