About the ATC

The ATC or Air Training Corps is a national organisation for young people aged 12 to 20. Sometimes referred to as the Air Cadets or Air Cadet Organization (ACO), the ATC promotes the following aims:

  • To encourage a practical interest in aviation and the RAF.
  • To provide training that will be useful within the ATC and in civilian life.
  • To foster a spirit of adventure while developing qualities of leadership and citizenship.

The ATC was formed on the 5th of February, 1941 and now has just under 1,000 squadrons, which is divided into 6 Regions, each containing about 6 Wings. 35 (Wetherby) Squadron is part of the Central and East Yorkshire Wing in the North Region.

More information about the Air Cadets visit the ATC HQ site at www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/

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